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Earth Day is Here!

It’s Earth Day 2016 and the excitement here is building as we earnestly prepare for this weekend and the reawakening of our gardens and yoga barn. Weather has caused delays to garden improvements scheduled for completion, but finally, we’re back … Continue reading

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Heavy Frost

A coating of heavy frost covered the foliage in our gardens creating a chilly but peaceful scene. The temperature dropped to 23.5degrees F here in Drums, PA this morning, October 19, 2015. Our area can receive light frost anytime after … Continue reading

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Broken Delphinium Flowerhead

An English cottage garden brushed with the regal spires of blue delphinium in early summer is a coveted scene for many. These tall, top-heavy beauties tower above the phlox and foxgloves. Often times the weight of the flower head will … Continue reading

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Getting into the Vortex

Law of Attraction fact- Do what you love and more of it will come to you. A few cooler overcast days preceded by two inches of rain made for perfect, day-long, working-weather in my book. So, for the past few … Continue reading

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Beginning a New Garden in Spring

Spring! The geese are heading north and you can smell that cold fresh moist earth in the air. The spring bulbs are beginning to break ground and there’s a whole new garden in the works here! Our snow covering is … Continue reading

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Taming of the View

Trying to block unsightly views can be frustrating for the home gardener. Whether they are from nearby roads, neighbors, utility lines and boxes, or unkempt properties, it drives one to resort to all kinds of creativity, especially if you are … Continue reading

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