I’m Sandi Crabtree, a Northeastern Pennsylvania gardener and lover of all nature. My passion of nearly 40 years has steered me into many exciting endeavors including writing, designing, photography and developing classes and workshops.

In 2007, my husband David and I purchased five acres of farmland that offered a condemned home and a few deteriorated structures, here we envisioned creating a chemical-free, naturalized display garden. It took nearly a year of renovation until the home was made livable, then in 2008, we began to focus on building the gardens.

Immediately after we moved into our home, a cottage on the neighboring property came up for sale. We purchased it and opened Cottage at Crabtree Gardens which is currently used as a guest house for garden visitors. Work on the gardens continued and in 2011, Crabtree Gardens, LLC was established and has been expanding ever since. Having a full time job as the gardener for two properties keeps me supplied with an unending to-do list, but I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s the kind of work that I love.

This blog shares the trials and tribulations in the development of the gardens. It also places emphasis on my belief that humans must learn to observe nature in order to coexist in a peaceful, loving manner so that the earth’s bounty can be reaped by future generations.

In addition to holding Certification in Interior and Garden Design from Inchbald School of Design, I am a member of the GWA: The Association of Garden Writers and Communicators. Here is some of my work:

Pennsylvania Gardener :

  • Get Acquainted With Alliums Jul/Aug 2017
  • Around Every Corner Mar/Apr 2017
  • Photo-Worthy Vignettes in the Garden Jul/Aug 2016
  • The Garden at Settlers Inn May/Jun 2016
  • Wheel Bug Wonder Jan/Feb 2016
  • Homegrown Holiday Wreaths Nov/Dec 2015
  • The Secret Garden Jul/Aug 2015
  • Fun Containers May/Jun 2015
  • A Blank Slate Jan/Feb 2015
  • Container Recipes May/Jun 2014
  • Jack-in-the-Pulpit and His Woodland Friends Mar/Apr 2014

Horticulture Magazine:

   State-by-State Gardening 

Gardening Know How:

Visit Crabtree Gardens website  www.crabtreegardens.com for information.

You may also enjoy my other blog- Garden and a Guest House which is about home décor, the Bad Hatters Tea Club, inspiration and other musings at the Cottage guest house.

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