Exploring New Waters

It’s Columbus Day today in the USA. This day honors Christopher Columbus who set out to find a quicker route to the East Indies in 1492. Even though he didn’t achieve that goal, many consider what he did achieve an even greater accomplishment. He discovered the the Americas and became a hero.  Though in today’s culture many would disapprove of his hero title. We would also like to call attention to all the other explorers, no matter what their frontier may have been. They followed their gut and set out in the quest of adventure, hell-bent on proving their theories. Some returned as heros and others lost their lives, their courage and faith was infallible.

Today I set out to build a tiny bamboo raft for a photo but became frustrated with trying to lash the sticks together so I picked a half of a dried milkweed pod and poked a twig from the bamboo into it to create a mast then I added a leaf for a sail. I set it in the pond to grab a photo and it was floating for about 20 seconds before a stowaway fly landed on the sail. What were the chances?

Columbus boat 2015-10-12 024I think his weight caused my little ship to take on water!

What is exploration? Simply put, it’s the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it. We’ve been exploring our gardens for 8 years now and through it, we’ve learned much. Many good things have come about because we chose to explore and like Columbus, we found things we hadn’t planned on.

One of the most interesting journeys that we’ve tackled was a hand-made leather handbag bag business. Is this something that a garden would be well-known for? Not yet! But after one year of developing it, it is proving to be an interesting and exciting choice for us. We’re not certain where it will lead us, but we’re heading in the right direction toward some possibilities that are out there!

All of this handbag talk is actually leading up to a new clue for the “next step” expansion. In the last post I teased everyone with a giveaway. Today is the day we are announcing the prize that will be given away to the winner of a contest that we are holding in Spring 2016 (closer to the date of the opening of our expanded gardens).

This is a sketch of a custom designed handbag created specifically as a clue to the secret project! Here’s the “Explorer”!

The Kristy Bag by CG kristybag.com trend setting handbags leather hand made purses 2It’s pretty cool having such close connections to a handbag designer and manufacturer ;).  Since the handbag  is not even in prototype stage yet, The Kristy Bag by CG was reluctant to allow me to post this sketch. But since today is Columbus Day and Mr. Columbus was a great explorer, I was able to negotiate (pleaded with them) for the release of Kristy Lash’s sketch.

When I commissioned this new “Explorer” handbag for our giveaway, I told Kristy and Dave that I wanted something that might have been used by an explorer. The only requirements I had was that it must be leather and be able to handle dirt or sometimes maybe even a little bit of water, not waterproof, but kind of resistant to water. I trust that they will create another masterpiece!

To give you an idea of what a sketched handbag looks like when it’s complete, here are a few photos.  “Kristy” Tote bag  on top and the “Jennie and “Annie” Canteen below closely resemble Kristy’s sketches.

kristy sketch of bagTrend setting handbag Spicy Kristy Tote The Kristy Bag by CG

Trend Setting Handbags The Kristy Bag by CG Mother Daughter Handbag Mother Earth Canteen Style handbag GreenJenny and Annie Canteen handbags The Kristy Bag by CG Crabtree Gardens Handbag line Trend setting handbags Kristy Lash handbag designer

For more information on our handbags visit our online store www.kristybag.com or blog www.kristybag.wordpress.com 

Looking back on our main garden journey, this morning Facebook provided a memory photo of our Wedding Pergola that was taken on October 12, 2012, exactly three years ago on this date.

pergola under constructionSeeing this pergola standing alone in the upper field reminded me of how great it felt to have a vision come to fruition. I’m hoping that what we are planning to unveil in 2016 will blow this feeling out of the water!

We will have more photos of the earth moving in a few weeks so until then, thanks for following our journey.


About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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