Bracelets on branches

Gain Clarity

Bracelets on branches and whiskers on kittens, it’s so cold outside I wish I had mittens!

Last year at this time we were seeing branches laden with forsythia, star magnolia and willow. This year spring is holding out on us. Since there aren’t any pretty branches to photograph here (yet), I have decided to display some beautiful bracelets that were designed for our Gratitude Gift Shop by the talented hands of Patty Dunning, owner of Little Light Beads.

These bracelets are made from a variety of crystals and stones mined from deep within the earth. Various degrees of color and vein patterns make each bead unique. When viewed in bright sunlight they take on an even more beautiful coloration.  The best part is that healing energies are associated with each stone.  These organic bracelets look so chic dangling from the bud swollen branches and really fit in well with our naturalized premise here at Crabtree Gardens.  Who knows, maybe their good vibrations will even coax some flowers into bloom.

Snowflake Obsidian

Displayed on forsythia branches snowflake obsidian releases negativity

Displayed on forsythia branches snowflake obsidian releases negativity

Release Negativity

Snowflake obsidian can be used as a great cleanser of negative energies, such as jealousy, anger and resentment. It is often used to heal and release energy blockages. Volcanic in origin, it draws emotions to the surface allowing examination of harmful thought patterns. I can attest to the energy of this stone. Since I’ve been wearing a bracelet made from the beads, I have noticed that I am more prone to getting rid of things that I no longer need around the house and I don’t hesitate to toss them. My husband worries about this newly acquired habit.



Gain clarity with amethyst displayed on Pennsylvania blue stone

Gain Clarity

Amethyst can be used as a source of healing and power. It can bring you inner peace and calmness and give the mind clarity. It is said to heighten your natural intuition. Wearing amethyst protects one from negative energies and attracts positive energy.



Displayed on conglomerate rock amazonite improves communication skills

Improve communication

Amazonite enhances the ability of communicating more effectively and increases self-esteem. It encourages personal expression and reduces tendencies to self-neglect especially in women.


Gain Clarity

Gain clarity with labradorite displayed on peach branch

Be Uplifted

Labradorite is said to be uplifting and an imagination energizer. It helps to eliminate the emotional drain of daily routine and awakens one’s sense of adventure. This mineral assists in expelling fears and insecurities. It is an aid to self-discovery and having faith in oneself.


Ruby in Zoisite awakens passion

Ruby in zoisite awakens passion

Find Your Passion

Ruby in zoisite (anyolite) is a natural mineral combination that contains both the properties of fiery ruby and earthy zoisite. Ruby has an ability to manifest desires and zoisite has a stabilizing effect. This is a perfect marriage of passion and commitment. It encourages the mind to hear desires of one’s heart and gain an understanding of what is needed so the desire can be met.

I think it will be a few more days until some of the forsythia begin to open. I would guess it would take about a week or two before the star magnolias burst open. In the interim, I have these beautiful natural stones to focus my attention on. Except for the rabbits that ate most of the crocus that opened. What can I say? I love working with nature!








About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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