Wintering into Spring with Yogi-fest

Yogi-fests were created to provide our yoga community with an opportunity to get outside and appreciate nature by enjoying the tranquil surroundings in our gardens in all seasons. Spending time in natural surroundings has an ability to improve one’s general sense of well being. These events have become so well received that other studios are now following in our footsteps with similar offerings indoors.  We are proud and truly honored to have sparked something so positive and inspiring within the community.  We plan to continue to be innovative with body, mind and spirit workshops that include nature and gardening throughout the coming year.

Sunlight streaming from the heavens at Crabtree Gardens Winter Yogi-fest

It was a glorious winter day filled with abundant sunshine and warm temperatures. There were a number of yogis enjoying the fresh air and numerous activities that were available at the Winter Yogi-fest 2014 held here at Crabtree Gardens on Feb. 22. Photos were provided by Robert Keith Ferdinand of The Lil Yoga Barn.

Our yogi-fests offer chair massages performed by our in-house licensed massage therapist Ashley Pane, henna tattoo applications by graphic artist Kristy Lash and nutritional demonstrations led by our holistic health and wellness coach and children’s yoga instructor Melissa DeMent. In addition, there are yoga classes of course, which are led by the Angela Preat, instructor and owner of The Lil Yoga Barn and Robert Ferdinand who is an instructor, manager and a fabulous photographer. We also provide a meditation class led by Debbie Jemo who is a yoga and meditation instructor.  It is the culmination of the talents of each of these people who make these yogi-fests successful.  We are blessed beyond words to have this group of beautiful souls helping us to achieve our dream.

Refreshments that are appropriate for the time of year are served and outdoor activities  are arranged as weather permits. Enough said! And now some photos of the event.

Icicles in the Carriage House Winter Yogi-fest Crabtree GardensThis window view from inside the Carriage House looked out upon a snow and ice laden garden. But there was a warm energy flowing throughout the property as the yogis assembled to begin their day.

Winter Yogi-fest Carriage HouseThere was a bustle of activity inside as sign-in was held at the Carriage House. Many visitors browsed through Gratitude Gift Shop for Yo.gar.den T-shirts and mementos of their visit.

Winter Yogi-fest The Lil Yoga Barn at Crabtree GardensThe Lil Yoga Barn was filled with abundant sunshine which provided a big warm hug to this class.

A freshly applied henna tattoo dries on the arm of a yogi. After the henna dries, it flakes off and a rich dark brown pigment remains for about one week.

Freshly applied Henna tattoo at Crabtree Gardens Winter Yogi-festMini henna tattoo applications in a choice of 5 patterns were offered by Kristy Lash of Henna or No? at Crabtree Gardens.

henna designs Kristy Lash Henna or NoThis specific design of the symbol for the word om (pronounced aum) (above right) was designed by Kristy. We are using her interpretation of this symbol as our signature om.

Path to bliss Winter Yogi-fest at Crabtree GardensThe sun helped to melt the paths and allowed some frozen, green grass to show from beneath. It won’t be long before we will use this path to lead us to the pergola and decks.

Smores in the field Winter Yogi-fest Crabtree GardensA happy group of yogis are really enjoying the warmth of the sun and smell of smoke from the apple wood that is burning in the fire pit. The snowy mountain can be seen in the distance. At this location hot cocoa and cappuccino were available along with S’mores.

Toasting marshmallows Winter Yogi-fest Crabtree GardensA yogi toasts several marshmallows on this bed of coals in the fire pit. It was covered in ice and snow earlier that morning.

Yogi at The Lil Yoga Barn at Crabtree Gardens Winter Yogi-festThis beautiful yogi holds a strong pose and is intent on her gaze inside The Lil Yoga Barn.

Path to Cottage Winter Yogi-fest Crabtree GardensWarm tans and browns of the grasses and other foliage left standing throughout the winter are enhanced by the deep blue of the sky.

Grasses in the gardens covered in snow Winter Yogi-festDelicious S’mores on a sunny winter day at Crabtree Gardens!

S'moresOne of several yoginis sporting Yo.gar.den shirts is seen in this photo. The name Yo.gar.den was developed  by Angela Preat, owner of The Lil Yoga Barn. She also is the mastermind behind the Crabtree Gardens yogi-fests.

Yogi and Yogarden shirtChair massages took place in the newly renovated massage therapy room located inside the Cottage. It was just an oversight that we did not get photos of the chair massages being performed by Ashley Pane of Blissful Therapeutics or of the Winter Nutrition demonstrations given by Melissa DeMent of Lotus in Bloom Yoga and Wellness. At least we were able to provide a photo of the work of Kristy Lash even though we didn’t get her in action either. That leaves us something to strive for next time!

It won’t be long until we are out practicing on the decks for the Spring Yogi-fest amongst the flora and fauna that is so abundant in our naturalized garden. This Spring brings an even greater degree of anticipation for new life in our gardens with not only the emergence of the forsythia and flowering bulbs but also with the arrival of another lil yogi that will join The Lil Yoga Barn’s family.  Best wishes to the expectant parents Angela and Robert-that sure looks like one big robin’s egg you are holding!

lil yogi

About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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2 Responses to Wintering into Spring with Yogi-fest

  1. There is always a wonderful, special feeling whenever you are in the midst of Crabtree Gardens and The Lil Yoga Barn…

  2. Thanks so much “along the way”! We love seeing you here 🙂

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