Bees and Color

Early Blooming Bulbs Scillia siberica Pollinator Friendly Pennsylvania Crabtree Gardens

Scilla siberica

There doesn’t seem to be a lack of bees this spring based on the amount I see as I’m trying to snap photos of the spring blooming bulbs. They finally (week of 4-8-13) began to put on a good show here at Crabtree Gardens in USDA Zone 5 (at least the ones that the rabbits allowed me to have).

In early March, I was searching for some photos for an article that I was writing  for Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine.  I realized that I had really poor quality spring bulb shots from my retired camera, so I have been anxiously anticipating their blooms this year for my photo library. I’m overjoyed that I was able to get bonus photos of numerous bees clamoring for the fresh pollen so early.  Of course unseasonably warm temps in the 70’s this week are making everything open at once.

Early Blooming Bulbs Crocus Pollinator Friendly Pennsylvania Crabtree Gardens

Colorful Crocus

I had a hard time not getting the bees in the photos as I tried to focus the lens. I worried that I was too close and would end up with sting, but they seemed to be really content and not bothered by me shoving the lens at them.  That only made me want to get more.



Seeing nature through a camera lens actually taught me to look closer and to just observe, because you never know what you’ll find.

Early Blooming Bulbs White Crocus Pollinator Friendly Pennsylvania Crabtree Gardens1

White crocus with tiny pollinator inside

We often walk past a colorful grouping of flowers and enjoy their beauty but seldom do we take the time to just observe their intricacies.  We don’t often get up close with them.

Puschkinia libinotica

Puschkinia libinotica

It’s spring and as you are hurriedly running around trying to get all of those chores completed, remind yourself to slow down and just observe and breathe in the warm air that we’ve waited so long to smell and take in those beautiful purple, whites and yellows that are dotted around the garden. Learn to appreciate the minutiae of nature.

I found a lot of JOY seeing the bees this week and even more having had an article about pollinators appear in Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine. Now I’m off to help the monarchs by purchasing some milkweed seed to distribute to the class for our Milkweed Walk in June and then I’m going to get some photos of the different daffodils that are opening. I don’t even remember planting them!

I hope you have something nature inspired to do today, even if you just walk around outside for a while and clear your mind – close your eyes and breathe.



About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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3 Responses to Bees and Color

  1. Chris Leskosky says:

    Your photos are breathtaking as usual. The Chionodoxa look like they have a light inside the flower! You have no idea the JOY you bring with your photos 🙂
    You have inspired me to go out today with my camera!!!

  2. Scilla and crocus are two of my favorites. These are great shots. I saw my first bees in the crocuses last weekend.

  3. You amaze me…you were able to take these photos without real fear. You just hopped right in there and snapped away! I would be the girl standing on the other side of the field in a coat of armor ready to run for her life!!! 🙂

    The photos are all beautiful. I recommended to my best friend that she come over and take a look. She enjoys photography and nature, so I think she’ll really get a kick out of these! I’m glad you identified each flower, too, because I so often have no clue what I’m looking at!!! 🙂

    We have yet to feel anything that resembles Spring here in the Midwest. It has been cold and gray and rainy. We’re actually under a tornado watch today. Big whoop…that’s EVERY Spring! The grass is starting to green up nicely despite the relative lack of sunshine to feed it after the rains. We don’t want a continuation of the drought, nor do we want the kiln-like temperatures of last summer. We’d just like a few true (consecutive) days of Spring with sunshine, warmth, and clear blue skies. Is that too much to ask for? Uh…apparently so!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Have a great day, enjoy the beauty around you, and thank you for sharing such awesome bits of nature with us!

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