Garden Blog of the Month: October 2012

I’m very honored to be recognized by Jean Potuchek of Jean’s Garden for a spot in her Garden Blogs of the Month: October 2012.  Jean located my blog on Blotanical.   As a new blogger, this comes as a huge surprise and great honor.

Jean has a wonderful blog and it is filled with great information and links, I’ve made it a favorite.  Words can’t express my appreciation to her for giving me the inspiration and confidence to continue on this new found road to self-expression.

Here’s how Jean reviews my blog:

Her Way at Crabtree Gardens is another blog associated with a business, this time US blog author Sandi Crabtree’s gardens and guest house in Drums, Pennsylvania. I was first attracted to this blog by its subtitle, “Work with her or against her, either way Nature will have her way,” a philosophy of gardening that resonates for me. The early posts in this blog (begun this past July) also look back on the first five years of starting a new garden-related business. But most posts provide the reflections of an enthusiastic and experienced gardener. There are posts that take joy in a bit of gardening serendipity (Floating Hearts), others that show the garden’s growth and development (Her Masterpiece), some that share gardens Sandi has visited (Goodell Gardens and Homestead Tour), and many that provide helpful gardening advice (Take a Chance). Because Sandi gardens in a climate similar to mine and because she grows many of the plants that I love, I am looking forward to the information and inspiration waiting for me here.

Thank you Jean for making the new blogger feel welcome!


About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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One Response to Garden Blog of the Month: October 2012

  1. Congratulations! You do have a lovely and interesting blog and I have nominated you for the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ award. I tried to leave a link here with the details, but my computer is acting up. You can see the post with details on my blog when you get the chance. ~ Marsha

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