Inches away

Mid September is one of my favorite times in the gardens.  Our fields of goldenrod are in full bloom casting their bright golden haze over the landscape.

Usually on a lazy Sunday afternoon, my husband and I make a point of it to sit among these arching yellow flowers in the upper field on a haphazard patio we carved out of the uneven terrain.  As we make our way into the field we once again become acquainted with four old wooden patio chairs in need of some maintenance and a few end tables that sit ready to host us for our afternoon nature gazing session.

We call our spot “Jamaica” after our favorite getaway in the Caribbean.  It seems to be a few degrees warmer than the rest of the field and it reminds us of our own island in the midst of a sea, although our sea is covered by billowy grasses and goldenrod.

While we take in the warming sun and appreciate the slightly cooler temperatures offered by this time of year, we watch as Monarch butterflies dart about in search of nectar as they make their annual migration to Mexico.  The field is alive with movement of many types of insects and the crickets are chirping in the background.

Keeping a keen eye out for any unusual butterflies that we haven’t documented before, we  remind each other how our lives have changed from the first day we saw our property and how the gardens have progressed.  I usually refer to the enormous amount of work we did to get where we are and my husband will say “we are just inches away”.

Then as we remember the days we didn’t think we would ever have time to relax, we are reminded that we have been so blessed to have been able to find each other, and share our days living in this paradise we created for ourselves and others, perched in the middle of a field of goldenrod watching butterflies go by.


About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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2 Responses to Inches away

  1. saltbybrian says:

    This was a great post thanks! Don

  2. wanderoneday says:

    Beautiful monarch photo! That is my mom’s favorite butterfly of all time (and she is a big butterfly buff). As a result of her love of all things butterfly, I still remember a lot of details about them! The other day she showed me a picture of a monarch and asked “Male or female?” and I got it right! Her love of butterflies is one of the most consistant things about her – and it makes me realize perhaps she is a long-distance traveller at heart, just like her favorite species!

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