It seems like such a long time ago when we first purchased our property and dilapidated barn/garage.  I remember the first time I saw the forlorn structure. The most interesting thing that jumped out at me was how the rear elevation wall (and partial lack thereof) radiated the warmth of the sun.  The first day I saw it was back in February of 2007.

We did not have nearly enough money to do the things necessary to bring the house up to a livable condition, let alone fix the garage or barn section.  But I always envisioned having double doors opening out into the garden.  I knew that day, when I felt the warmth of the sun, that it would be at least 2 zones warmer than the rest of the property and I might be able to grow a banana plant there with a little protection.

I told my husband and anyone else who walked around that area, that one day I planned on a walkway leading into double doors that opened to a workroom area.  Of course, everyone knew I had big plans and not a lot of money to go with them.

I spoke to several contractors about what it would take to fix up the inside and add the doors and they basically told me it would be better off if we demolished it and started over. There was not the standard headroom for the doors. Those were not the words I wanted to hear.

The inside had such great character with old rough hewn boards used as the walls and bits and pieces of the wood inside pieced together like an old quilt. We were told that at one time it housed the previous owner’s two pet horses.  There was even part of a wall missing but the structure seemed alright.

So during the past five years, I planned the gardens to include a walkway which led into that ugly haphazard rear wall and dark oppressive inside room knowing that one day I would have double doors opening at the end of it. My friends and family always tell me that I see things others can’t.

I heard many comments through the last five years about the walkway leading to nowhere, but I just kept my visualization of those doors in my mind. I planted shrubs and trees along side the walkway with the intent they would grow up and enhance the feeling of walking through the greenery to get into the building. I was sure the inside would be turned into something relating to a garden workshop, but was not exactly sure of what it would be.

It is said that if you want something badly enough you can attain it.  I always knew I would have those doors there one day, no matter what anyone told me.

I believe through visualization and the laws of attraction, the only person who could have understood my vision was sent here.  His name is Francis and he has been helping us with odd projects (house siding, covered bridge, covered swing) for the past 6 months.

When I told him about my dream for the barn/workshop, he knew exactly how and what to do. He didn’t make excuses and he didn’t laugh. He didn’t tell me it was too bad, he told me of how he could make use of what was good and what we already had and he told me that he would be able to make the double doors that would lead from the wood path into the new workshop. He even told me he could use old windows we took out of our house when we remodeled.

And that he did. In a matter of 5 weeks, he had totally transformed the eyesore into a handcrafted thing of absolute beauty, while maintaining the integrity of the building.  It was something that my husband and I still can’t comprehend.  We are so very grateful for Francis and the work and craftsmanship he is capable of.  We often say that no one else could have done what he did as well as he did and we believe our chance meeting with him was just meant to be.

We plan on keeping him around to help us with our future projects because he is quite a character and we have both become fond of his presence here.  When he doesn’t show up, it’s actually kind of lonely, but I won’t tell him that, because then he’ll know what a special person he is and I can’t let him get all wrapped up in that.


About crabtreegardens

I am a passionate decorator and the head gardener at Crabtree Gardens, LLC, which is a five acre naturalized garden located in Drums, PA. I advocate chemical-free, low maintenance gardening methods and working along with nature. I'm a freelance garden writer and member of GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators.
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5 Responses to Visualization

  1. Tonita says:

    What an awesome story!!!! We’re just starting out on our Permaculture garden journey! My sweetheart Ian & I look forward to the day when we can visit you from Colorado. Wishing you continued joy and success with your beautiful gardens! Tonita

    • Thanks Tonita! Congratulations on your Permaculture Design Certificate, if I lived closer, I would have loved to go, maybe one day. We look forward to seeing you one day-there is always room at the “Inn” for you both-Take care, Sandi

  2. It is absolutely beautiful…and this is such an encouraging story. Happy New Year to you! ~ Marsha

  3. Marsha,thanks for popping by. Our barn is now transformed into a yoga barn and we have the joyous pleasure of seeing many yogis coming and going to classes 3 nights weekly. I will need to make a reservation to use it for my garden classes LOL! Here is the facebook link to The Lil Yoga Barn if you want to see the transformation inside. Happy New Year to you as well.

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